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It’s all about Auto Service at JFP Automotive

Let’s face it… Today’s cars are complicated. From your four-door, family sedan or people-moving mini-van… to your long-bed cargo truck… even (maybe ESPECIALLY) your two-door weekend speed machine… Your vehicle has a lot going on under and around the hood.

Heating and air conditioning systems. Electrical systems. Computers. Electrical systems. Complex new transmissions. Suspension. Electrical systems. Exhaust…

Did we mention electrical systems?

The point is: modern cars and trucks are more than a motor and some wheels… both physically and personally.
But, bottom line, if it makes your car go/ stop/ comfortable/ quiet/ loud… JFP knows what to do to get it and keep it working.


Repair – Maintain – Safety  

You LOVE your car, so you want to know that it’s taken care of:

  • … that when something isn’t working, it’ll be fixed the way it should be, without cutting corners.
  • … that the maintenance is up to date, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, so you can feel confident that it will get you there.
  • … and that your brakes, tires and suspension are solid and strong, to keep you on the road safe.

JFP Automotive has got you. We have what it takes to take care of you AND your vehicle, no matter what you might need.
Hearing a strange noise? We can figure it out (don’t wait, btw).

Sticker on your windshield looking a little old? We do full lube oil filter service. And while we’re at it, during the oil change, we’ll have a look around while it’s up on the hoist and let you know what’s going on in your car’s world.

Tires or brakes squeaking or slipping? Maybe it’s time to have a look at some new rubber or rotors and pads. JFP can handle that, too, with brake service and repair and a full selection of tires for any season.

Maybe you want to go a bit faster. Or even A LOT faster… Hey, we don’t judge! But we definitely have some tips for you, there.
When it comes to taking care of your vehicle… car, truck, van, sedan, coupe, or race car… JFP wants to be on YOUR team.


It it’s broke… We fix it

Your daily commuter isn’t really supposed to click, tick, grind, scrape, smoke, burn, smell, whine or wobble. And, contrary to popular belief, the Check Engine Light is a true “call to action”, more than just a suggestion.

Car repair done properly, by a mechanic you can trust is important to the life of your vehicle. We know it and we care about this very much. Doing a good job consistently is what keeps our customers trusting us with their vehicles for years.

General car or truck repair. Transmission repair and service. Brake repair and replacement. Even wheel alignment… Whatever is going on in your wheels, we hope you’ll trust us to help you out, too.



We’ve come a long way since tail fins and carburetors when it comes to the latest in automotive technology. And we’re not complaining… We LOVE this stuff… We LIVE for it! Sure, it can be complicated… maybe even difficult. That is, of course, unless you have the right tools… and JFP Automotive has THE RIGHT TOOLS!

Even the most basic modern cars are incredibly technologically advanced. But we specialize in modern automotive technology. From the complex wiring that powers your car’s systems, to the computer that keeps your car or truck efficient, powerful, comfortable or fast… we understand these things REALLY well. And we have ALL of the technology we need to get that technology telling us everything that is going on with your vehicle. You can trust JFP with even the most technical issues.


Keep it rolling …

Now that JFP has got you working top-notch, let’s keep it that way. Auto maintenance is the secret to a vehicle with hundreds of thousands of kms on it. At JFP, your oil change is more than just pit stop.

We have all the latest data on manufacturer’s recommendations and are fully qualified to service your vehicle NO MATTER WHAT make, model and year. And it’s all warranty safe… so JFP is giving you choice!

Getting the oil changed is a great time to do scheduled maintenance like transmission service and brake service. To check front end suspension components and exhaust systems. It’s also a great opportunity to check tires and undercarriage rust. At JFP, we treat maintaining your car seriously and will take any opportunity we can to make sure your vehicle is going to stay reliable on the roads.  


The Safety Dance

It’s one thing for your vehicle to be operational and reliable. But the most important thing is SAFETY. Tires need to stick to the road. Suspension needs to keep them touching the pavement. Brakes should stop you. The accelerator should move you. Doors should latch and lock. Fluids and connections should be checked and secure. All these things are life and death issues with a vehicle that travels on the roadways.

We’re all about keeping you safe. We do tire repair and tire replacement, with a great selection of quality winter, all-season and year-round tires for any vehicle. Brake service and brake repair, to keep your car stopping like it should. We do safety inspections… whether its for a car you’re buying or selling… or just checking things over for the season. JFP Automotive wants your car on the road, where it belongs… with you safe inside it, where YOU belong!


Whatever you’ve got…

If it has an engine, we can help you. JFP specializes in Asian import vehicles… and we’re some of the best Subaru techs you can find… but we’ll fix ANYTHING. If it has an engine and you need engine repair or service on it, we’ll take a look and make it work. If we can’t help you, we’ll figure out a way to help you. We told you… we’re problem-solvers!

So, whether it’s a car or truck… sports car or minivan… fleet vehicle or daily commuter… JFP wants to be the auto mechanic you trust and your favourite auto garage. We want you to LOVE YOUR CAR!

Give us a shout today and get your vehicle in the best shape of its life. We’ve got the right stuff... because we love cars and IT SHOWS!