Find out about JFP Automotive!


Why should you give JFP a shot to maintain your vehicle? Well, here’s a little about us… you be the judge…


At JFP, we are:

  1. Committed Car-Lovers
    • Not in the “crazy” sense… okay, well, maybe a little. We love cars. We love how they work. We love how they drive. And we love it when they work their best.
  2. Natural Problem-Solvers
    • Modern cars are complicated. Wiring… computers… today’s vehicles are more than just “gas-and-go”. Complex troubleshooting and advanced diagnostics are what we do best. We live for this stuff… and no one does it better, even if we do say so ourselves!
  3. Die-Hard Never-Quitters
    • Okay… we may have made this term up, but it applies. Sometimes, problems with your car can be tough to figure out. But tough isn’t too tough for us. We don’t stop until we’ve got a solution. Figure it out or die… And we haven’t died yet!


Now that you know who we are, here’s what we promise to do for you:

  1. We’ll look at the whole car.
    • Sometimes a problem is really simple. Sometimes it’s super complex. Wherever your vehicle is on that spectrum, we promise to give your whole vehicle at least a quick check, to make sure any problems are truly solved, and to look for obvious warning signs for the future.
  2. We’ll offer the BEST solution first.
    • When we know your car… when the troubleshooting is complete… when it’s all said and done… there is a “best way” to handle the problem, and we want you to know it. We promise to give it to you straight every time, even when it’s tough. If the best solution isn’t possible, we’ll do our best to give you options
  3. We’ll always give you the “heads-up”.
    • We’ll share what we know, so you know too. From issues we’ve uncovered to helpful maintenance suggestions, we’ll help you understand what is coming up and when you should tackle it… even book your next scheduled maintenance for you right there, if you like. We’re all about keeping it simple for you.

At JFP, we really feel that by caring for your vehicle and keeping you in the loop, that you’ll enjoy a reliable car for longer. You will save money and reduce stress and uncertainty around your car… you may even learn something that you can use to impress your friends at parties!

But most importantly, we hope you’ll enjoy working with us as we care for and maintain the awesome machine that keeps you connected with your life and world.

Book your appointment with JFP Automotive today… and LOVE YOUR CAR!